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Dear PROSS users, 

Due to the recent COVID-19 efforts, the PROSS server has been overwhelmed by jobs involving SARS-CoV-2 related proteins.

This has resulted in considerable slowdowns, and much extended waiting times.

In order to allow for the fastest possible turnover, we have manually processed 3 such proteins, available here.

These are the human ACE2 (based on the 6M17 PDB), the viral protease (based on 5R8T) and the viral spike protein (based on 6VYB, 6VXX, and 6VSB).

For the human ACE2, we have restricted design in the interface with the viral spike protein. We also suggest two versions, with and without design on the surface. Restricting the surface, which leaves the surface identical to the wild-type human protein MAY BE important to ensure the immune system “ignores” it.

For the viral spike protein, we have made designs based on 3 available conformations. In all designs, we restricted the interface (analysed based on 6M17) with the hACE2. 

All designs are available as PROSS results pages at the following links:

viral S protein open form (6vyb): https://pross.weizmann.ac.il/2fdc5faf-9ab1-40dc-a130-786602ec3232/
viral protease (5r8t): https://pross.weizmann.ac.il/a8b2aaf4-4911-46fb-b5ac-31a40bbb3e38/
 hACE2 no design on the surface: https://pross.weizmann.ac.il/a4de301c-425d-493a-bc8c-a03770d93163/
hACE2 with design on surface: https://pross.weizmann.ac.il/fbf28dea-aeab-4100-ae2f-a14f9d4d0ffc/
viral Spike protein one subunit up: https://pross.weizmann.ac.il/4efa7274-2c3d-49a8-97a6-d1be19ff9e64/
viral S protein closed form: https://pross.weizmann.ac.il/3fe813f2-4564-4d07-8c57-3c6e5987286b/

These designs are subject to the usual PROSS-server terms-of-use which can be found at the bottom of this form.

If you experimentally test these and want your results to be quickly shared with other users, please let us know by email and we will post your information here.

The PROSS team.

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Commercial users, please email info.yeda@weizmann.ac.il and fill our contact form

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Algorithm development
Adi Goldenzweig & Sarel Fleishman with a generous support from Jonathan Weinstein.
We thank Jaime Prilusky and Shi Hoch for developing the previous and new online interfaces.

Please cite:

Goldenzweig, A. et al. Automated Structure- and Sequence-Based Design of Proteins for High Bacterial Expression and Stability. Mol. Cell 2016, 63 (2), 337–346.
PMID: 27425410 PMCID: PMC4961223 PDF HTML

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